The Paint Nite® Concept

Paint Nite® is a new concept blending two timeless pastimes: painting and drinking cocktails. This combination has been sculpted into a simple profitable business model. Artists & teachers can earn good money communicating their passion to people in a hands on way, venues can fill unused space and bring patrons in on slow nights, all on one unified platform that connects the dots and makes it accessible to everyone.

Partner with us to host your own Paint Nite® events

Our 2-hour Paint Nite® painting events are held nightly with 25+ people in attendance, each following the step-by-step instructions of a master local artist from blank canvas to masterpiece. Already thriving in Boston MA, New York NY, Portland Maine, Hartford CT, and Miami FL, the viral Paint Nite® phenomenon is sweeping the nation!

Paint Nite® is expanding rapidly across the US (and internationally as well). Empowering artists, teachers, and opportunistic self-starters to entertain, socialize and profit from this new and exciting concept. A limited number of licenses will be awarded to qualified people to join our platform and partner with us to host their own classes.

The Paint Nite® concept gives the licensee a fun and exciting career opportunity. If we approve your application, we do not charge any franchise fees or ask for upfront fees of any kind. Your investment to start is just in the equipment and supplies needed - approximately $3,000 to fund your first 10 events. There are no hidden costs to start this business.

Partnering: What we do

We don’t charge any fees to start your Paint Nite business. Instead we are you partners and we take a minority fraction of each ticket sold in exchange for the services below:
  • Shared resources: We coordinate and aggregate the resources of 50+ Paint Nite artists across the country to reduce costs on supplies, and negotiate on behalf of our 50+ artists.
  • The Paint Nite® website: It’s a functional tool to run your business easily. Handling tickets sales directly, including all credit card transactions . It communicates to customer, and venues with automated reminders and emails. It organizes all your key information accurately and can be accessed from a smart phone.
  • Ticket Sales, PR and National Marketing: No need to post a flyer in a coffee shop. We will drive the vast majority of your sales through a national PR campaign and on-line ticket promotions. We’ll bring in patrons to your events, and will scale that to support you as you grow. On a local level, we’ll provide you with professionally designed materials, and a unified social media strategy using Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Online Training & Support: Access to online manuals, videos and materials about how to sign up venues, market yourself, and of course host your events. We also provide a forum for Paint Nite® artists to share ideas and collaborate.

Partnering: What You Do

We are counting on you to execute on all the local activities for your Paint Nite® events. For your hard work you will earn a vast majority of the money on every ticket sold.
  • Pick the Bars: You know the best local bars with the best reputations. We are relying on you to pick the bars that will be hosting you and 25+ people from your community on a weekly basis.
  • Schedule your events online: Our website is easy to use even for the technically challenged. But you will still need to be detail oriented and thorough. You will be in charge of your own schedule but you will need to plan 6+ weeks in advance.
  • Entertain a crowd: We are counting on you to entertain a crowd and share your passion for painting with them. You should thrive off of being in-front of a crowd and have the ability to lead them step by step through a painting.
  • Local logistics: There is no Paint Nite® without the canvases & brushes! We will assist you in getting the right supplies ordered in the right quantities at the right times and for the best rates, but you will need to be ready take delivery of a palette of canvases and keep track of how much paint you have on hand so that you don’t run out in the middle of an event. You will also need to be completely in charge of getting the right counts to the right events at the right time. We will give you the guidelines and the best practices, but from there on its up to you.
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